LP. Need to say more?

Do you know the tasting wines? Those  who can’t down the bottle but you have to savour calmly? You have to smell it and discover its various flavors, sometimes hidden but that then they will leave an unmistakable aroma.

LP’s music is exactly right. 

It can happen that you hear LP on the radio or in the car but then you need to put the headphones on, leave the world outside, and get carried away by her magic, without any hurry. It’s amazing  what she realizes with music and words. 

I went to Milan to meet her, to get her CD with autograph and now it’s guarded as a relic. I was lucky enough to talk to her, to hug her and take a picture with her (also this cared as the CD and I made more copies, you never know). I still have a dream: to go to her concert.  
In the meantime, I want to tell you a little about her.

It’s simple. She is LP. 

LP: the singer who made me, for the first time in 28 years, a true fan! I heard her sing Lost on you at Coca cola Summer Festival and I understood that I wanted to learn more.

I searched on youtube and it pops me a world: a song more beautiful than the other, never boring. Beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics. 

Now I’m a crazy fan! 

A musical genre full of nuances: rock, indie, country…I can’t describe it, I’m not a music critic, if you want to understand you have to listen to it.

And you have to see her sing: Yes, because LP makes quality music but is herself a person of quality. You’re used to pop star? She is not any of that (thankfully). No attitude from star, no need for scenery. LP fills the stage alone and alone enchants everyone sings, whistles, plays her ukulele, her harmonica, her guitar.

LP is and is set to become an iconic woman. And this happens for several reasons: the talent, the style and above all the intelligence.

LP is polite. (And so funny!) LP is kind.

LP is simple and straightforward. LP explains itself alone, as soon as you look at her or listen to her and, if you’re lucky, don’t just talk to her.

Thanks LP, there is really a need for people like you. 


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