LP. Only two letters to describe a world 

Laura Pergolizzi, or rather LP, has topped the Italian charts. After the performance at the Coca Cola Summer festivals this Italian-American singer has made her mark with her song “Lost on you”.

 All you know by now what was already active as a writer for other artists, but now is her turn. Now, finally, it’s time to talk about  LP, of her voice, her unmistakable style as unique and of her whistle, a characteristic that belongs as her ukulele. I thought a lot about how to describe LP to those not familiar yet. I thought about Patti Smith but would not be enough because LP is LP.

So do you know the United States? The glitzy USA, those made of lights, skyscrapers and big brands also become an institution for us Italians? Think that America made fashionable, luxurious corners and commercial pop music.

 Well, now forget everything. Turn off the lights of Times Square, look down from the top floor of the tower block of Manhattan to the local overthere, right on the street, or why not, to the garage from which comes a music that, rest assured, you’ll end up whistling all day . 

I speak of the real America, the authentic folk and where bands play in the garage and make real music. The Indie rock, Indie pop and all those sounds that if you close your eyes make you imagine being in a small room in the center of New York, where artists perform live and grow well, going so successful thanks and after fatigue. I think this represents LP. 

She brought in Italy a kind of music to which we are unaccustomed, and she did it with a style and a grace such that it is impossible not to notice. 

So, how to describe LP? With one word: CHARISMA. The voice, the personality, the look. Everything has charisma.

 “Lost on you” si the song most listened but to get better in that world so folck, I think that the tracks that you will find below, will explain more of my words.

Lost on you
Muddy waters



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